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Ergonomic Design bike handles

Ergonomic Design bike handles

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We all love cycling but...we all hate pain! These are the revolutionary bike handles designed to improve ergonomics while you ride your bike.

Upgrade your bike - The shape of these small bar grips is designed to correct the position of the hands, naturally aligning the joints of the forearms.

This position has a huge impact on the cyclist's comfort by reducing joint and muscle pain.Naturally Align The Wrist With The Arm Reduces Vibration In Order To Prevent Joint Pain

We really care about ergonomics of course, but we never forget your safety. That's why we implemented the o-shape in order to prevent you from slipping, maintaining access to the brake every time.

No matter if you are a pro or an amateur, if you climb mountains or just bike to work: These are easy to install on a wide range of bikes and you can benefit from them also biking just for few kilometers.


Easy to mount. You just need a hex key. And your bike, of course.Fits: handlebars of racing bike, MTB, city bike with a diameter range between 21.8mm (0.85") and 22.2mm (0.87").


  • Material: Nylon Material
  • For handlebar Ø 21,8 mm or 22.2mm
  • No add-on parts have to be removed

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