Transforming Kitchens with Simple Yet Practical Home & Kitchen Accessories

Good food and a warm kitchen is what makes a house a home.- RACHAEL RAY

Kitchen renovation is a costly affair as well as time consuming one. But simple changes can also bring great changes to your kitchen without spending a lot. There are certain home & kitchen accessories that can help transform your kitchen instantly. We at SPLASHBUY provide such simple yet practical home & kitchen accessories that can help you get your kitchen transformed in an efficient manner.

Have a look at some of our home & kitchen accessories that can help keep your kitchen functional and organized.

  • Bloom Multi-Purpose Lid Cover and Spill Stopper

Bloom multi-purpose lid cover and spill stopper can be used for avoiding splash and cooking oil droplets as well as can be placed in Oven Microwave or Refrigerator and likewise. These lid covers are BPA free, non-toxic and food grade silicone. The product also has high temperature resistance which enables healthy cooking and it is easy to clean as well. This eco-friendly lid cover and spill stopper is must-an-add for your kitchen for healthy and easy cooking.

  • Snap and Strain Strainer Clip On Silicone Colander, Fits all Pots and Bowls

Snap and Strain Strainer Clip On Silicone Colander is a unique and practical kitchen accessory that virtually fits all round pots, pans and bowls; be it big or small. This small and compact clip is the solution for your kitchen space constraint issue and easy to use. It is a great accessory especially for limited counter space and is completely BPA free, dishwasher safe and FDA approved. And its durability is unmatchable and can withstand straining of heavier foods like potatoes.

  • Eco Baggy

If you are looking for a futuristic produce bags, then our Eco Baggy is for you. These reusable bags are eco-friendly as well as its soft mesh allows your produce to breathe, which extends their shelf life. Safe and easy to use baggies will make your storage easier and efficient.

  • Pack&Go Collapsible Lunch Box

Did you know lunch boxes can be crushed after use? Then you should check out our Pack&Go Collapsible Lunch Box Set of 3 or 4 assorted stackable and collapsible silicone containers. You can use these lunch box set for storing dried foods, wet foods, leftovers, meal prep and much more. This versatile set is an ideal solution for storing different food items.  Also this set is a space-saving feature that you can easily slip the empty containers into a bag or cabinet once you are done eating. It also features an air vent for microwave heating and is available in three convenient sizes. Due to its smart design this lunch box set is ideal for indoor food storage, work, camping, hiking, travel and more.

  • Reusable Silicone Food Bag

Reusable Silicone Food Bag we provide is helps you prepare your favorite meal and then drop it into the water bath. These bags can be reused over and over again and are oven safe. Its features include innovative air-tight seal and versatility as it can be used for preparing, cooking and storing your favorite food.

Besides these five practical kitchen accessories, we at SPLASHBUY carry a wide range of products in our inventory. Want to check out our products visit our website today.

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