How Beauty & Personal Care Products Got Introduced in the World of E-Commerce!

How Beauty & Personal Care Products Got Introduced in the World of E-Commerce!

Over the past few years, beauty & personal care products have experienced remarkable growth. Once these products were only limited to physical stores, and now one can find these over online stores with their websites, social platforms, on-demand services, subscription boxes and almost all over!

What is the reason behind this e-commerce growth of beauty & personal care products? A few years back people used to buy these products offline as it gave them an opportunity to smell, try and touch and even they were allowed to take a few samples to try out at their homes! And this made us believe that beauty & personal care products would never be sold online!

But then what took it to the world of e-commerce?

  • First of all, the rapid growth of technology that wowed the world as a whole in the last few years and still wows us every then and now! The best example will be L’Oréal as this amazing beauty products brand launched a beauty app called the Makeup Genius in 2014 that converts the front-facing camera of an iPhone into a virtual mirror where the buyers can try out the products virtually before buying it. The technology used here bridged the gap between beauty products and e-commerce.
  • Secondly, professional make-up artists like Lisa Eldridge have a fan following on social media for more than 3 million. She is considered as the top-rated professional make-up advisor and gives free tutorials on how to enhance your looks and look fresh and flawless even after a sleepless night! Such professional make-up artists and beauticians are bringing beauty & personal care products into the limelight online, which in turn is booming the e-commerce world.
  • Thirdly, you can find numerous beauty bloggers as well as vloggers online. Blogs on beauty & personal care products attract more and number of buyers. And the vlogs, i.e. the video blogs on YouTube and other platforms are influencing people and drawing them towards the world of online beauty products. For instance, Zoella is a famous YouTube based beauty influencer with more than 11 million followers recommends a Topshop blusher and interestingly the brand gets a 30% click-through rate to their site. That is the power of advertising we can say!
  • Last but not least, today the buyers are more biased towards digital experiences as they get reviews from different people online. And today with the advancement in technology, buyers are getting real-life experiences online as they used to get in the physical stores. In short, online shopping of beauty & personal care products is easy, convenient and also save time and money.

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