Your outfit can dictate your mood

Your outfit can dictate your mood

Did you know your outfit can set the tone on how you are going to feel for the day? Even the colors you wear can impact your mood. It is said that certain colors are natural energy boosters. When you look great, you feel great.

Certain clothes that you wear simply set the tone for the day. For example, casual clothes can make you feel you want to be creative, approachable, and friendly. Power clothing, like a well-tailored suit, pencil skirt and heels can bring out the sassiness in you, make you feel professional, confident and bring the power thinking in you. Putting on clothes that resemble uniform can set you up to be determined, attentive and focus bringing you back when you were in school. Even wearing gym clothes just put you in the healthy mindset mood and make you feel like you want to conquer the world. Additionally, certain colors automatically set you up in a certain mood. While Cheerful and bright colors tend to boost your level of energy and stamina; dark colors can make you feel more relaxed and in a low-key stress mode.

No matter what you wear it doesn’t impact you as a person, it shouldn’t. However, your outfit can sometimes determine how you are going to go about your day, and other people can see it too. Wear clothes that bring out your true personality and which simply make you feel the way you want to feel on that day. Experience with different colors and accessories and select the ones you enjoy best based on how you appreciate the way they make you feel.   

So, when you are buying clothes and accessories, chose clothes and colors that will improve your mental state and that will make you feel great about yourself. Wear colors that match your personality and as you wear them, they bring out the confidence and boldness in you. Everyone has outfits and colors that suit them. Find yours. What does your clothes say about you today?

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