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Wada Jade Lucky Bracelet

Wada Jade Lucky Bracelet

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The Auspicious Hetian Jade 

Our bracelets are made with Natural Hetian Jade which is highly prized for its quality and beauty. The Hetian jade can bring good luck, prosperity, and happiness to the wearer or owner.

It is also believed to have healing properties and the ability to promote physical and emotional well-being. 

Natural green jade is an auspicious stone.

Green jade is a chakra stone that promotes happiness and relationship stability.

This is the perfect gift to build friendships and relationships with your loved ones. 


  • Ideabeauty is the nature of all people. Beautiful bracelet decoration can make girls elegant and charming. Suitable for everyone.

  • Designmatch with a beautiful bracelet decoration. Therefore, such bracelets can make people feel happy and comfortable and make people passionate about life. Experience more beauty in life.

  • Perfect Fit: daily wear, you can wear it in any occasion, make your style more match and attractive in graduation ceremony, Valentine's Day, birthday, anniversary, date, party, charming and fashionable.'

  • IDEAL GIFTit is suitable as a love gift for wife/girlfriend, family gift for Mother and child, and also a friendship gift for sisters. This is a perfect gift for the festival.


  • Color: Green
  • Style: Lucky Bells
  • Product size: 16.5cm-21.5cm (Adjustable)

How to Care Your jewelry

1. It's recommended to gently rub your jewelry with a silver cleaning cloth
2. To restore the shine, rub with a clean but dry cotton cloth
3. To prevent scratches, wrap in a soft fabric swath and avoid rubbing it against other jewelry

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