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Looking for some of the best and latest home & kitchen accessories to enhance your home and kitchen appearance? Today you can find a variety of accessories that make the home and kitchen look good. And we at SPLASHBUY have a selection of high-quality and up-to-the-minute home & kitchen accessories to choose from. Whether you need a stylish coffee mug, ice ball maker, lunch box or cutting board and anything in between you can find it all with us.

Check out the various home & kitchen accessories we have with us below –

An excellent Christmas and Birthday present, this cute kitten coffee and tea mug is made of high-quality porcelain ceramic. It can also be a perfect gift for the cat lovers for any occasion. So relish each sip of your delightful coffee or tea in this cute mug!

  • Pack&Go Collapsible Lunch Box

This Pack&Go Collapsible Lunch Box Set is a set of 3 or 4 assorted stackable and collapsible silicone containers that include one of each size for the best value. You can store dried foods, wet foods, leftovers, meals, and use it for indoor as well as outdoor food storage. In short, it is a perfect solution for food storage of different kinds. Its space saving feature lets you slip the empty containers into your bag or cabinet once you are done with your food. It also features an air vent for microwave heating and is available in three convenient sizes i.e. 3 Small, 6 Medium, and 3 Large. Small: 12in x 8in; Medium: 12in x 14in; Large: 12in x 17in

  • Microwave Perfect Eggs Poacher

Cook delicious poached eggs within 2 minutes with this amazing Microwave Perfect Eggs Poacher and the best part of it is you need not have to use any cooking pan as it is an instant meal. What you need to do is, simply fill the two compartments with water up to the fill line, break the eggs into them, then cover the lid and put it inside the microwave for about 2 minutes. Done! This Microwave Perfect Eggs Poacher is made from high quality and ultra-heat-resistant PVC. It features a lid that contains a steam vent for perfect cooking. You can also prepare omelets by removing the inner tray and filling with your favorite omelet ingredients. It is BPA free and safe to use in dishwasher, freezer, and microwave.

  • Custom Engraved Wooden Cutting Board

It is a top-notch quality custom engraved wooden cutting board that is extremely safe to use. Put all those poorly made plastic and toxic cutting boards and opt for our best quality wooden or bamboo cutting board and keep your beloved ones safe in the kitchen. But do not forget to provide your personalized message such as the name of the person and date of the event to be engraved on your cutting board while purchasing.

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