The Best Gifts For Dog and Dog Lovers

When it comes to gifting the one and only dog lover in your life, you know that a few things would make them feel happier than something that either relates to them as a dog fanatic or directly benefits their pooch. Sure, you could get them the usual tried-and-true calendar with cute photos of their pup or a fun chewy toy and call it a day, or you can travel the more unconventional route.

Whether your friend’s got a Fifi or a Fido, we have got wonderful gifts for dog lovers in this collection. Adorable pup prints, paw-some jewelry and phone accessories, keepsake mugs, and more.

We have also got some wonderful selection of personalized gifts for dog lovers for extra special occasions. So, whether you choose bespoke tote bags, cushions, or Christmas decorations, it will be an ideal treat for both the owner and their beloved pooch.

So, if you are looking for gift ideas for your pup lover friend, check out SPLASHBUY’s extensive collection of personalized gifts for dog lovers.

A custom printed pillow

Most owners have framed photos of their dogs, but how many do you have entire pillows dedicated to them? Upload the pooch’s most loved photo onto the 20 x 30 x 3 inches ultra-plush pillow to make a beautiful home decor piece.

A portable food and water bowl

This on-the-go accessory includes both a food and a water compartment for those all-day trips. This would be the most perfect gift for your globetrotter friend who wishes to visit every corner of the world accompanied by his furry friend.

Personalized dog mug set

What could be better than enjoying your favorite cuppa in a mug that that tells the world just how they feel about their beloved pet? Whether it’s their dachshund, spaniel, cockapoo, or pug, we have just got the best gifts for dog lovers.

A hoodie with a pooch to hold your dog

Comfortable for both - the owner and their little pup, the hoodie will let you carry your pooch around like a little kangaroo.

A Casper dog mattress alike the Casper human mattress

The only dog bed that could match a human’s mattress is Casper’s memory foam model. The mattress is made from 110 porotypes and 460 hours of lab testing, so rest assured both the man and his best friend can sleep peacefully every night.

A backpack to carry the dog

A backpack is perfect for adventurous dogs who like to join their owners as they hike, bike, and even zip-line or rock-climb. The backpacks are vet-approved and come with fully ventilated sides and a safety ring to hook up a collar.

A handy grooming tool

With this well-designed tool, neither the owner nor the dog will ever dread bath time again. The sprayer-scrubber combo fits easily in the owner’s palm and lets them have full control of the water and scrubbing at the same time.

A dog DNA test

If you are not sure of your dog’s origin, you can use this test to figure out the exact breed. With this, you can also learn about the potential health risks, medications sensitivities, and other crucial factors that will help the dog live his best life.

To avoid the common pitfalls of gift buying for the pooch lovers, we have compiled a collection of gift items that will land you straight into their good graces instead of the sorry dog house. At SPLASHBUY, we carry an amazing collection of gifts for dog lovers and their furry friends. Visit us today to grab some of the best deals!

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