Pro Tips for finding the Right Beach Wear for Women

Buying the right beach wear for women based on their body shape sometimes becomes a strenuous process regardless of their shape and size. Where a perfect beach wear can make you feel stylish, comfortable and unbeatable in a photoshoot or on the beach, a beach wear that does not suit you might degrade your confidence creating a self-conscious and sad feeling ruining your total mood. Therefore, you must pick a beach wear that suits your body type and size perfectly.

But before you plunge into buying your dream swimsuit, we would like to provide you a few vital tips on selecting the right one!

  • Know the shape of your body well

Knowing your body shape is the first and foremost rule for finding the right and suitable beach wear for women. There are different beach wears for different body shapes. Certain beach wear that suits your friend does not mean will suit you too! Now you must be wondering how to know the body shape! For that measure the widest point of your hips, fullest point of your bust and tiniest point of your waist and then compare the measurements with the standard interpretations of body shapes. The available shapes are pear, bell, spoon, or A shape, V or apple shape, X or hourglass shape and straight, banana or I shape.

  • Choosing a Beach Wear

After knowing your body shape choosing a bikini becomes easier, all you need to do is focus on your details. You will find a variety of beach wears online or offline for smaller busts, larger busts, bigger hips, and different shapes mentioned earlier. Also, there are beach wears that can give you an overall slim look or slim down your belly! So choose the one that suits your body shape.

  • Look for patterns, details, colors and fabrics

When looking for beach wear for women the best trick to get a sexy beach wear is to pick the one that highlights your assets and camouflages your flaws. And for that you need to focus on the fabrics, details, colors, and patterns.

Pro Tip: Use solid colors to hide problematic areas!

  • Choose the Right Cut

High cut bikini bottoms help in elongating the legs, a tankini emphasized your waist while one-piece suit helps in hiding the waist. Similarly, triangle tops, tie front bikini tops and halter tops highlight your bust making you look ultra-sexy!

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