Practical and Unique Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers at SPLASHBUY

Practical and Unique Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers at SPLASHBUY

Are you looking for a perfect gift for your dog lover friend? Then you need to understand that dog lovers love to pamper and spoil their canine buddies a lot. They get deliriously happy by showering their pups with interesting gifts. To help you find the best gift for dog lovers, we at SPLASHBUY have enlisted top four unique and practical gift ideas below. Just have a look at these –

  • Pet Grooming Glove

The pet grooming glove imitates the touch of human hand during massage which makes the dog feel loved. Its 180 soft silicone tips grooms the pet with ease during the massage. The hair of the dog gets stuck in the glove making it easier to keep the house clean. This grooming glove will be the best gift for your dog lover friend especially if they are ultra-hygiene seekers! With the help of this grooming glove your friend can easily remove even the hidden hairs of their canine companion.

  • Rechargeable Painless Pet's Nail Grinder

Another practical and interesting gift for pet lovers is the rechargeable nail grinder for pets. The nail grinder/trimmer is equipped with a mute brass shaft and unique mute technology that gently removes thin nail layers without making loud noise or vibration. It is hence the best gift for sensitive dogs. Also, the nail grinder precisely trims the pet’s nails painlessly. Our Pet's Nail Grinder comes with a USB port and cable that can constantly operate up to 3 hours once fully charged. It is suitable for different sized nails.

  • Pet Water Bottle

A pet water bottle is the best way to provide a drink to your furry buddy on-the-go. Whether they are enjoying in the park, the beach or anywhere giving them a drink becomes easier with this water bottle that contains a wide-mouth bowl attachment. The water can be passed back and forth from the bowl via an electric pump so you won't ever waste any. The bottle is also leak proof and has a replaceable carbon filter to purify the water by removing impurities.

  • Pet Rubber Ball

Our pet rubber ball helps in promoting a healthy lifestyle for pets in a fun way. Put a portion of the dog’s meal in the ball and let the dog eat the food dispensed when the ball is rolled. Your dog lover friend will definitely love this amazing gift for dog lovers as it will help their dog by promoting active feeding. This practical toy also helps in cleaning dog’s teeth. The pet ball is made of safe and non-toxic rubber material which makes it suitable for chewing, playing and training. And the ball will accompany the dog and keep them happy in the absence of their human friend.

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