Nurse Collection at SPLASHBUY – A Perfect Way to Show Gratitude to Nurses!

Nurse Collection at SPLASHBUY – A Perfect Way to Show Gratitude to Nurses!

Nurses play a role of superheroes in our lives! Not only they keep people alive and assist doctors but they also do the works that even the family members of the patient avoid! From changing bedpans, offering sponge bath, cleaning up all the mess and work for longer hours, they put their best efforts.  However, unfortunately, their help is often overlooked.

Now it is the time to appreciate them for everything they did for you! Show them that you are grateful to them by gifting them some unique and memorable nurse collection gifts! Whether the nurse is your friend or not, make sure to make them feel gratified! At SPLASHBUY we appreciate the efforts of nurses and hence carry beautiful and unique nurse collection to gift from! Check out our nurse collection below and choose the gift you find the best for your nurse!

  • Quartz Clip-on Fob Brooch Nurse Pocket Watch

The Quartz Clip-on Fob Brooch Nurse Pocket Watch is a high-quality casual styled watch for nurse. The crystal pocketed pin watch has a case and dial made with stainless steel with Quartz movement. The diameter of the dial is 1.10", length of the watch is 2.9" and the material type of dial window is glass. This is a perfect gift for nurses. It is available in two different styles i.e. rose gold and silver!

  • Nurse Hat Charm Bracelet

The Nurse Hat Charm bracelet is a top quality classic styled bracelet for nurse with hat charm leather wrap. It has a length of 7.5".  This unique bracelet is an ideal gift for all your nurse friends as well as all nurse lovers out there. The bracelet is available in seven different colors i.e. red, light blue, black, bold blue, green, purple and pink. So pick the color that your nurse friend will love!

  • Women's Short Sleeve Keep Calm I'm A Nurse T-Shirt

The women's short sleeve Keep Calm I'm A Nurse T-Shirt is an amazing gift in our nurse collection. The t-shirt is of cotton material and the fabric type is broadcloth. This printed short-sleeved regular t-shirt with O-neck collar is one of the best gifts that you can gift to a nurse to make them feel gratified and allow them realize their worth each time they wear it! The t-shirt is available in four different sizes i.e. S, M, L and XL. The color options for this tee are Black, White, Grey, Navy, Red and Pink!

  • Registered Nurse Bracelet

Registered nurse bracelet is another incredible stuff in our nurse collection. The bracelet is a high-quality casual as well as sporty styled charm bracelet which is made using leather and metal. This bracelet is an amazing gift for nurses as well as family members and friend who appreciate the work and sacrifices of nurses. This bracelet is a limited edition! So grab this charming bracelet today! It is available in four different colors i.e. black, blue, brown and green.

  • Stainless Steel Stethoscope Heart-to-Heart Necklace

The stainless steel stethoscope heart-to-heart necklace is a uniquely designed stainless steel stethoscope pendant necklace that redefines romanticism. This necklace is the best jewelry gift for nurses, doctors as well as lovers! This exclusive necklace is available for a limited time! So hurry up and reinvigorate your romance! The necklace is available in two metal colors i.e. 18K Gold Plated and Silver. Its length is 23".

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