A Short Guide for Buying the Right Yoga and Gym Wear for Women

A Short Guide for Buying the Right Yoga and Gym Wear for Women

The two key ingredients for having a fruitful and enjoyable workout or yoga session are comfortability and motivation. Often women find themselves struggling at the gym or yoga sessions in adjusting their not so comfortable wears leading to distraction and ultimately they get demotivated. Therefore, it is highly essential to wear perfect yoga and gym wear for women before hitting the gym or yoga classes.

We at SPLASHBUY understand the need of right yoga and gym wear for women and hence provide high quality activewear for all body sizes and shapes. We also know that every workout calls for a different wear, therefore, we have brought you some tips to buy yoga and gym wear for women depending upon the type of workout you prefer. Have a look –

  • Make sure to avoid 100% cotton wear at the gym –

Although cotton wears are extremely comfortable but for gym purpose you require clothing that is comfortable as well as functional and supportive. When you opt for 100% cotton clothing, it absorbs the complete moisture which will make you get stuck with a heavy and soaked T-shirt causing irritation and leave you cold once you are done with your workout. Therefore, you need to buy clothes made of dry-fit or moisture wicking material as such a clothing will keep you dry and make you feel comfortable.

  • Right sports bra is the key to comfort during yoga and workouts –

Wearing the right sports bra will not only offer you comfort and support but also reduce the chance of any injury. We at SPLASHBUY provide women athletic yoga bra that offers complete comfort, support and a sense of easiness while performing yoga. While shopping for sports bra make sure that it fits slightly tighter than that of your usual bra but not so tight that you find it difficult to breathe. Also, there should be no roughness around the armholes, shoulder straps or seams and if it has hooks or snaps then make sure those do not bother you. Make sure the cup fabric is smooth and the straps do not dig into your shoulder. For ensuring that you are buying the right size, raise your hands over your head. If the elastic band of the bra lifts up your rib cage then you need a smaller band or need to adjust the straps.

  • Leggings and Capris for yoga –

Although yoga pants are quite popular among women for performing yoga poses, but if you are looking for a more modest alternative then you can try out capris. Capris are of the perfect length; hence do not get in the way while you are performing yoga poses. Also leggings are another option as they do not ride up and make you feel embarrassed during the yoga sessions. Make sure to avoid loose pants as these can slide up, drawstring pants can cause discomfort while lying on the stomach and shorts can bunch up during upside-down poses! And for the tops we suggest stretchable tights yoga sleeveless sportswear tank-tops that let you perform yoga poses in the most comfortable manner.

So if you are looking to buy yoga and gym wear for women of the best quality then we at SPLASHBUY are your best bet. Find a huge collection of yoga and gym wear for women with us. Visit our website today: Splashbuy.com. Or contact us at +1-800-224-7154 or email us at support@splashbuy.com 

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