5 Must-Have Home & Kitchen Accessories

Are you looking to buy home and kitchen accessories online? Here are a few best picks suggested by SPLASHBUY you should consider while shopping for home & kitchen accessories:

  1. Bloom Multi-Purpose Lid Cover and Spill Stopper

This lid cover and spill stopper stands out the rest for good reasons. Some of the best features are:

Safety – This accessory is BPA free, non-toxic and made from food grade silicone.

Stackable – It doesn’t have center knob ensuring better organization in the fridge.

Multi-Purpose – It can be used to avoid splashing and cooking oil droplets. You can place it in oven microwave or fridge best suiting your requirements.

Heat Resistant – The multi-purpose lid cover and spill stopper has working temperature ranging from - 40°F to 482 °F. It’s high temperature resistant, ensuring healthy cooking.

Easy to Clean up – This kitchen accessory is nonstick and easy to clean up.

  1. Eco Baggy

Eco Baggy on SPLASHBUY is the future of produce bags. They are reusable and are better for the environment. The soft mesh makes sure that your produce breathes, by extending their shelf life. By using these baggies, you never waste single use plastics again. This reusable bag is made of soft and superior quality. This set comes with 12 pieces with 3 different sizes – 3 small, 6 medium and 3 large sizes.

  1. Whisky Iceball Maker

Whisky Iceball Maker on SPLASHBUY is the next generation of Original Whiskey Ball. It comes with easy to use tray that makes four jumbo ice cubes the largest in class, which has 5.5cm diameter. This Iceball Maker has silicone rubber bottoms ensuring easy removal of ice balls.

There is no need to twist, bang and run underwater to get the ice ball out. The Whisky Iceball Maker tray is easily stackable so that you can make large batches and can store ice balls easily whenever needed. It has the ability make four jumbo ice balls at a time. This iceball maker has built-in funnels and water fill lines as well as has stackable design. You can remove ice balls easily from the flexible bottom.

  1. Snap and Strain Strainer Clip-On Silicone Colander

 This colander fit come with uniquely designed clips and fit all around pots, pans and bowls of both big and small size. It works well even the ones with a lip.

Alternative to Space Constraint –

This is a small and compact strainer and easy to use. You can keep it in a quarter the size of a traditional colander. It works well when you’ve limited counter space.

Safe – The kitchen accessory is completely BPA free, dishwasher safe and FDA approved.

Durable – Though the Snap and Strain Strainer Clip-On Silicone Colander is made from top-quality silicone, it has the durability to last for more years to come. It will withstand straining of heavier foods like potatoes.

  1. Kitten Ceramic Coffee & Tea Mug

This mug is made from high quality porcelain ceramic material and makes for a perfect gift for Christmas, birthday or many other special occasions. It’s an ideal tea and coffee drinking mug for all cat lovers out there. The Kitten Ceramic Coffee & Tea Mug has a ceramic body, food grade plastic lid and stainless steel made spoon.

Final Consideration –

What’re your thoughts on SPLASHBUY’s selection of kitchen & home accessories! Feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section below!