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3 Best Gifts for Dog Lovers to Buy from SPLASHBUY

Do you love pet? Or look for something special to gift for dog lovers? No matter whatever the reason behind the purchase, please take a look at the available gifts for dog lovers to buy from SPLASHBUY:

  1. Pet Grooming Glove

Your pet will really love the Pet Grooming Glove. This de-shedding glove mimics the touch of your hand during a massage session. It will make your pet feeling lovely and comes with 180 soft silicone tips for grooming with ease simultaneously.

The hair sticks perfectly to the glove which makes easier to get rid of your pet’s hair. In fact, glove makes it easy to keep your house clean and tidy. Therefore, the grooming glove is known as one of the best pet hair removers for all sizes and breeds.

Coming with easy contours, the glove reaches all places the hair hides like behind the legs, under their chest, around their face, in their tails, etc. When you’re done, pull off the hair and throw it in the trash.

  1. Pet Water Bottle

It’s obvious that you want a water bottle to give a drink to your furry friend on the go. With Pet Water Bottle, you can give them a drink in the outdoors, park, beach or just anywhere. This bottle comes with a wide-mouth bowl attachment, a perfect choice for pets to drink out of.

Even, the water can be passed back and forth from the bowl through an electric pump so that you won’t waste water ever. In addition to, the bottle is leak proof and has a replaceable carbon filter to eliminate impurities.

  1. Insulated Winter Shoes for Dogs

Want a funky gift for dog lovers? Why don’t you shop for Insulated Winter Shoes for Dogs from SPLASHBUY! Every sole of the shoes is aligned with soft materials ensuring enormous comfort along with anti-skidding dots to prevent against slipping on smooth surfaces.

When you get caught in the rain, the soles are waterproof so that you will keep your dog’s paws clean and dry. It’s even simple and easy to wear. You just slide the paw in and push the black buckles to tighten the fit and secure the paw in place. The process seems like closing up a drawstring bag.

 Even, removing the shoes is simple. Squeeze the buckle to unlock and pull to loosen the shoe. Then, you can pop off the paw easily. That’s why this boot is considered as pooch’s new best friend.  This shoes comes with soft soles that make them comfortable to wear and anti-skid dots for prevention against slipping from hardwood, tiles, etc.

The waterproof features allow you keep their paws dry under wet conditions. In addition to, you will come across different sizes and colors to choose from. It means, this shoe fits most paws and can complement their outfits.

Made with fluffy inner material, the shoes is comfortable inside and is cut on the outside. Thanks to the fluffy wool lining, you will make your dog’s paws extra comfy and feeling warm.

Bottom Line –

Are you looking for a gift for dog lovers? SPLASHBUY’s collections of dog-friendly gifts are worth a purchase to delight your dog lovers out there. For more information, please visit our website at

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